Wholesale Sales

Lucinda’s Specialty Produce is the choice of grocers nationwide when it comes to increasing produce sales, same store sales and building a loyal, repeat shopper.

Your customers are looking for the full spectrum of gourmet vegetables, herbs and specialties and we are your one-stop produce solution.

Lucinda’s Specialty Produce/Coosemans has a unique partnership with all our brands to supply you with the farm to fork produce your shoppers demand in a variety of ways:  packed for you or in bulk.

We are Growers, Importers and Packers of fresh and flavorful herbs and produce.

Here’s just a sampling of how we help our clients.  This information is by no means comprehensive. Have a specific need, want something you see here, just have a question?  Please contact us via the site or give us a call.  We look forward to partnering with you.

 Fresh herb display for grocers The Lucinda’s Flavor Station increases produce sales as well as sales at the meat counter, bakery and cheese counters, and aisles due to our interactive Recipe Finder.
  Specialty produced packaged in easy to try quantities and price points satisfies your gourmet shopper.
  Single serve herbs are a hit with consumers as it allows them to try new flavors easily and affordably.
We grow on our farms located in California, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Mexico and Peru.
  Our farms grow organic produce which meets the USDA’s requirements for organic certification.
We take food safety as seriously as you do and you can rest assured that farm to fork, your produce will be handled by fully certified and regularly audited facilities.
   Our produced is packed with the highest standards of food safety in packages that are easy to display and convenient for the customer.