OK, you’ve seen these little boxes, but what are they really?  How do you use them?  Can they really increase produce sales?

Let’s start with, what a QR code is.  It’s kin to a SKU/barcode, but it’s referred to as a 2-D barcode.  Anyone with a smartphone and a reader (free) can scan any QR code.

QR Codes can be used to track inventory, provide additional information, support marketing efforts, etc.

The Lucinda’s Flavor Station QR Codes increase produce sales by providing shoppers with recipes for meals, while they are in your store.  That means they’ll need to purchase additional ingredients from your produce, meat, cheese and bakery departments plus ingredients from the aisles.

Try it yourself.  Here’s how:

Step 1:  With a smartphone (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc) download a free reader.  We like NeoReader.

Step 2:  Open the app and hold your phone up to your monitor  in front of this code:

Once your phone registers the code, tap Continue.

Step 3:  Check out the recipe selection and think about how your customers will love the convenience of being able to shop for their ingredients while already in your store.

What’s next? 

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