Need an Ingredient?

Looking for something unusual? Produce or herbs from an exotic location?

Because we source from all over the world, we can have exactly what you need delivered right to your grocery store shelf. (We cannon sell directly to consumers.)  All you need to do is ask your store’s produce manager to give us a call at 410.799.0980 and we’ll help get it to the shelf at your store.

Here is our complete listing of the herbs and specialty produce we carry.

Meal Kits

Mealtime has never been easier with our fresh, convenient and flavorful mealkits.  They make grilling, soup making, taco making and even cocktails a snap.  Enjoy these selections:

Gourmet Grilling Kit

Green Salsa Kit

Grilling Kit

Kabob Kit

Latin Soup Kit

Pesto Kit

Porto-Taco Kit

Red Salsa Kit

Soup Kit

Stir Fry Kit

Mint Julep Kit

Mojito Kit


Salad Toppers

Turn your boring salad bowl into an exotic dish reminiscent of a vacation to the islands,  Italy or other fabulous destinations.  Our full selection includes:


Crunchy Asian



Santa Fe



asian produce

Asian produce is critical to authentic Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other asian dishes.  Our produce and herbs will make your meals chop stick ready.  See our complete Asian Produce selection.



Indian dishes are full of spices, rich flavors and complex sauces.  Each herb and spice packs nutritional value into tasty meals.  Our complete Indian Produce selection.



Hispanic and Tropical dishes are gracing the tables of north American’s more and more.   Now finding those key ingredients has become a bit easier.  See our full Hispanic and Tropical Produce selection.



Jamaican, Haitian and African dishes are steeped in tradition yet influenced by the many Europeans who have traveled to those regions throughout history.  View our complete Jamaican, Haitian and African Produce.



Exotic Fruits are a treat anytime or a great addition to that special meal.  See our endless selections.