Pomegranates, Healthy Delicious and Easy to Eat?

Pomegranates have never been known for being easy to eat, but now you can enjoy the sweet, tart taste of pomegranates without the messy, difficult-to-peel fruit covering.  Arils are the translucent flesh surrounding the pomegranate seeds, and comprise the delicious edible part of the fruit.  Our retail package provides an easy way to enjoy this delicacy without having to do the hard work of getting them from the fruit.

Pomegranate Arils can be used to top your favorite salads, hot and cold cereals, desserts, used in sauces, cocktails, as a garnish or simply eaten right out of the package.  The seeds provide additional fiber to the high levels of antioxidants, vitamin c, and

pomegranate arils

potassium this superfood provides.

Look for them in your local grocery, and if you don’t see them ask your produce manager to request Lucinda’s Pomegranate Arils from their local supplier.

Healthy, Easy and Ready to Eat

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