Our Commitment

At Coosemans we have made it a priority to be good stewards of the earth and the environment.  Our commitment to that takes on many different initiatives including:


All our BPA-free packaging is made from post-consumer, recycled plastic and can be recycled through your municipality to lessen the impact on landfills.

Our new breathable plastic bags are made with 75% less plastic than the traditional clamshell packaging, thus further reducing our impact to landfills and the environment from a production standpoint.  These bags also prolong the shelf life of your herbs, keeping them fresh in your refrigerator longer.

Produce Shelf Life

We are committed to stocking the freshest products on your grocer’s shelves.  This is accomplished through efficient distribution methods, innovative packaging such as our breathable bags and single serve options so that you only buy what you need.  No waste and less impact to the environment.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our network of family farms and growers are expert stewards committed to practicing the highest levels of sustainable agriculture.

Organic Herbs & Produce

Our organic growers exceed the USDA standards for organic production and handling.