Rosemary Skewers Add Flavor to Your BBQ

rosemary kabobsDo you want to cook like Michael Chiarello and Emeril Lagasse? These chefs, among others have found that Rosemary Skewers not only infuse a subtle flavor to your kabobs but they also create an attractive presentation of the dish.  They are a great substitution for the plain bamboo skewers we have been using.  Available in your grocery store this product will add wonderful flavor to your grilling.  If you don’t see them in your grocery, ask for them.

The skewers come prepackaged and cut to the appropriate length. You just remove the lower rosemary leaves, leaving about one to two inches at the top and reserving  the remaining leaves for another dish.  Add the meat, vegetables, cheese or whatever you like to the kabob, marinate and grill.

Try Rosemary Skewers with your next summer barbeque and create a dish that will be unforgettable.

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